This is a Coup D'Etat

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The Immaculate Deception was followed by the Immaculate Distraction. For the moment, even the most stalwart politicians are running scared. Just two weeks ago, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia were close to decertifying fraudulent electors. Truth has given way to optics. The phrase "despicable violence" has become a kind of political vaccine. Embrace it or take the risk of catching ruin. Ask no further questions.

Violence is unacceptable while there is still a legal path for justice. On January 6th, our constitution failed. The fundamental legal principle for governing this great nation failed. What now? How can we speak of future elections when we all know this one was fraudulent? Everything else is a distraction.

Please read Rep. Paul Gosar's open letter to the state of Arizona on December 7, 2020 as a reminder of what has been lost from public discourse. Those Americans who think that election fraud is not their problem will soon discover their error. The truth will stand.

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