More Smoking Gun Evidence of Fraud from Dr. Shiva

In this Video Dr. Shiva and his guest speakers dive into the election data in key swing states and discover some more smoking gun evidence that their was interference and fraud with algorithms being used in the voting systems across the us.

It's well worth the time to watch this, the main takeaways are:

1) There was a "weighted race" feature being used in the election algorithms, Dr. Shiva shows the curve/allocation of votes along the spectrum ranging from die hard democrats, to die hard republicans with the usual group of independents and people who assess each candidate. What they found in comparing the 2020 elections to previous election years that the natural curve/allocation as not present and this is indicative of a simplified formula being used to skew the results in favor of the democratic candidate.

2) Dr. Shiva believes the "weighted race" feature was used on his Senatorial race in MA, reducing the number of his votes and weighting them at 66% meanwhile boosting his democratic opponent's

3) The guest speakers analyzed the live election feed data in key swing states and what they found was that Trump's lead was capped at a certain percentage and ONCE BIDEN TOOK THE LEAD ALL FUTURE UPLOADS OF DATA WERE AT THE EXACT SAME PROPORTION OF BIDEN/TRUMP. There was no natural variation in the data. For instance in the early stages the votes from election day were coming in real time with mixed result based on different counties, for instance the data set looked something like this:

Batch 1 -Trump 62% Biden 38%

Batch 2 - Trump 70% Biden 30%

Batch 3 - Trump 49% Biden 51%




Batch 4 - Trump 45% Biden 55%

Batch 5- Trump 45% Biden 55%

Batch 6 Trump 45% Biden 55%

The odds of this happening are impossible and it's a clear red flag of MASSIVE FRAUD.

Check out the video while it's still available:

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