Heads are Starting to Roll

I'm beginning to believe that President Trump did indeed sign the Insurrection act and people are being prosecuted for the Election Fraud of 2020.

Breaking News from Secretary of State Pompeo that Arrests have been made linking Ukranian Shell companies to the fraud in the election and seizing assets of those affiliated with it.


Pompeo is expected to make Comments LIVE now here, could be some big revelations:

Update: Just listened to Pompeo's speech and there was No bombshell revelation or mention of the Sanctions for Voter Fraud on the Ukranians nor the insurrection act, he did seem fairly grounded and optimistic and I don't believe he acknowledged Joe Biden as the next president at any point. Just want to be clear and upfront with everyone, I still can't say for certain that Trump did sign the Insurrection act into order I've been doing some digging and it's interesting to note that his latest video was a green screen background and he wasn't really at the White house there are rumors that he is in a military base with his family.

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