Google Can't Be Trusted

Here is definitive proof that Google's "search algorithm" has been infiltrated by politics and that Google is a leftist company. Many of us are aware of this glaring and obvious fact but here is some definitive proof. You will not find this website on Google, despite searching "stop the steal" and our SEO being optimized for a "stop the steal" search...they are actively censoring their search algorithms in their bid to take over our minds in a thought-control campaign and have been doing so for a while. Despite that fact that many more people are using Google (and there is no way that their web-crawlers haven't found this website as I actively registered the site with Google) the majority of people are finding us on Duck Duck Go which has now become my own default search engine. We need to take back and defend our online privacy.

Google isn't only censoring "stop the steal" they are censoring everything and quite frankly they are censoring the truth. People trust google searches for an honest answer. People ask google questions almost as if they were asking their own conscience and unfortunately they aren't going to get an honest answer we are being fed skewed information and woke/leftist garbage. This is dangerous because a lot of people trust google to give them the most popular/accurate result, not the politically motivated result.

See the snippet of our web traffic for proof, or try finding this site on Google.

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