Did Trump Invoke The Insurrection Act This Weekend?

Updated: 5 days ago

I've been notified by a follower that Trump signed the Insurrection act this weekend. Enabling his to use military force to round up the swamp creatures and hold them accountable. I would hate to be spreading Fake News and I can't say that I have a legitimate source on this 100% but the rumor is that during the Georgia election they were tracking the voting machines to figure out exactly where they were being controlled from. Rumor has it that this is why they were desperately trying to impeach Trump with just a few days left in office, knowing the insurrection act would be used and supposedly Nancy Pelosi has attempted to flee the country. I did not see anything on the website which is a red flag to me but perhaps Trump is keeping this under wraps until he has certain individuals in custody? Please let us know in the comments if you have a reliable source.

Rumor has it that Lt. General Michael Flynn will replace Mike Pence as the VP.

The only source we have right now is coming from an ex navy seal who verbally confirms in this youtube video:

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