Are you Going to Lay Down and Take it?

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'” -George Orwell, 1984

It's clear to me at this point that unfortunately President Trump will not be the official president of the USSA from 2021-2024, and we need to accept that, but it doesn't mean the fight is over. Just because Trump won't be our next President doesn't mean that "Stop the Steal" has to end as it's not so much about the 2020 Presidential Race as it is about stopping the theft and rape of the working man and woman, reducing our taxes, increasing our individual freedoms and putting a stop to the ever growing mountain of debt that we keep accumulating as a nation. Although I and millions of others genuinely believe that Trump won the popular vote by a landslide, the "powers that be" do not want to accept that fact. President Trump has done a great deal for our country, specifically the working class people, veterans and those that are the true backbone of the USA. Say what you will about the man, but it was always clear to me that he had a work ethic unlike any other President I've ever seen as he went non-stop from event to event and Rallied constantly while staying on top of his Presidential duties. A speech/ rally is an exhausting event for a young man, nevermind a man in his 70's. One of the greatest things President Trump did was make us aware that sane, hardworking people, with common sense are still in fact the majority in the USA. When we turn on the news and see all of this "woke" garbage being thrown at us it has a disheartening effect on a patriot and lover of freedom/ In my mind Trump's greatest accomplishment is reminding "We the People" that the are still indeed the silent majority, and are a force to be reckoned with.

Will we ever have another honest vote in this country?

If we allow the vote of 2020 to go uncontested, and keep the same infrastructure and processes in place, I think the answer is a clear no. Especially now that Democrats have control of the House and Senate, I don't think we will ever see another conservative/republican as President and could likely see Democrats ride the USA into the ground with reckless money printing, indebtedness and spending.

What happens when a large number of people feel disenfranchised and their voices go unheard?

Civilization is defined as "the stage of human social and cultural development and organization that is considered most advanced." The primary difference between being civilized and un-civilized is that in civilized societies, the societies have found ways of working out their problems peacefully whereas in un-civilized societies problems and issues are often worked out with violence and chaos. This applies to the microcosm of the individual and their daily/ familial and local affairs as well as the macrocosm of the country and how it deals with other nations and its constituents. Voting, is a feature of civilized society, whereas in the days bygone people used to cast their vote on the battlefield, literally "voting" with their blood and the stronger/mightier or perhaps more strategic side would win the battle.

I fear that if this government thinks they are going to suppress the votes of the majority of its people, the people are going to resort to the old-fashioned style of voting where at least they know their vote will be counted. A large number of people feel so betrayed and disenfranchised by our government right now, and frankly a lot of them feel like they don't have all that much to lose. This could lead to a disastrous state of affairs for our country. I don't want a civil war, nor does President Trump. Trump knew damn well that he could have started a civil war and that his supporters would have most likely easily won. Trump supporters are the "blue collar" working class men and women with calloused hands and hard bodies and minds, own most of the guns in this country and do most of the physical work. The Biden supporters are the woke pacifist "white collar" workers (or unemployed) with soft hands that generally touch nothing but a keyboard and cell phone all day long, perfect and polite for the "corporate world" but would generally not fare well on the battlefield. Not to mention the sheer strength in numbers of Trump supporters once all the fake computer votes and harvested ballots were taken from the total.

Just because we could win the battle doesn't mean we would win the war... America would be so devastated and weakened if it ever came to Americans fighting their fellow Americans, and it would frankly leave our borders in jeopardy and open to attack from one of our many enemies abroad. "United we stand and divided we fall" It takes a lot of different types to make the world go round and while the Trump supporters arguably do the real work, the white collar jobs are important too when it comes to making our society function. Our fellow Americans are not the enemy, we can't let ourselves be divided into blue vs red. I think this is what the establishment wants, make us fight each other so we don't see the real enemy...

Either way this election went we would have had a large group of people feeling really disenfranchised.

Who is the real enemy?

The real enemy is so hard to track down these days because they advance so gradually and work with such patience. But make no mistake their goal is to destroy America as the beacon of freedom in the world because they know that a free-thinking people are nearly impossible to control, making us the enemy. An enemy is easy to identify when they blatantly attack someone or something, on the other hand an enemy can remain undetected for a very long time when they gradually poison the well one drop of poison a day for many years until all of a sudden everyone realizes that they are sick and dying, but are unfortunately in no condition to fight, It's the latter style of attack that has been going on in America for decades now, it has been an ideological battle attacking our very thoughts and slowly eradicating our liberties granted to us in the constitution. Our freedom of speech is on the brink of outright censorship, our freedom to gather is being stripped under the guise of COVID-19 our second amendment rights to keep and bear arms which clearly shall not be infringed are about to be assaulted by a democratic house and senate, and pretty damn soon our right to make an honest living is going to be taken from us. I have no doubt that the COVID "lockdowns" are designed to hurt small businesses and shut their doors forever, eliminating a great deal of the middle class, and regulating businesses so much that one cannot make it on their own and is forced to work "for the man" in a big corporation or they will have to accept their dole of bread from the state as we head towards a full blown socialistic nightmare. Those who have wealth and power want to eliminate their competition, namely small business and entrepreneurs who can break free from their web of control. Socialistic Slavery is the goal of the enemy the US faces today, and if we don't do something about it now that's the future our children and grandchildren will inherit and it will be a very ugly future. We are on the path towards destruction and "We the People" are the ones who will pay the most dearly in the end.

The real enemy of America is the radical Left and their socialistic affiliates. Those who are in favor of Socialism and in limiting our individual freedoms need to be uprooted just like a weed needs to be uprooted from a Garden if it is to be a healthy vibrant garden. Truth is that the real enemies are masters of subterfuge and deceit and always remove themselves from the real crime by several degrees, using shell companies and etc. to blur the line linking them to the crime. The end goal of Socialism is to concentrate the power in the hands of the elites while impoverishing the masses, and it achieves this under the guise of helping the many, its a disgusting tactic that prays on people's emotions and history has taught us again and again always leads to disaster. Socialism and Communism are the same exact ideology, the only difference is that Communism uses violence as a tool of the state whereas socialism does not. History again teaches us that socialism often leads to communism, or in other words once the state has absolute power it doesn't take them long to start using violence to enforce their rules.

We will likely never catch any of the true enemies of America red-handed as they are masters of cheating the legal system and always leave themselves "plausible deniability." The only way for us to get rid of them is to attack anything and anyone that is even remotely affiliated with them. Twitter and Facebook want to ban the president of the US? Time to shut down their Websites and protest not only the business but anyone working at those companies. Since we unfortunately never catch the ones really pulling the strings we need to start taking on any and all of their agents which are always easy to spot.

The powers that be are terrified of violence when it is directed at them...

Look at how they reacted to the "siege" of protestors at the capitol building. Now I'm not supporting what happened there I think it's a tragedy that several people died, especially Ashli Babbitt who seems like a true patriot standing up for what she believed was wrong. I don't believe that this act was spontaneous and I think there were certain provocateurs that led the crowd as busses of "protestors" were escorted to the scene by police, police literally opened the gates and let everyone in, numerous BLM and Antifa protestors were spotted on scene allegedly as part of the protest, and does congress normally keep gas masks under their chairs? It stinks of another false flag op and Cui Bono or who benefited? All of the "Republican" congressmen and women used the "attack" as an excuse not to challenge the electoral votes, they happened to break in right as the facts were about to be discussed and of course in the end "we the people" got largely screwed by this because the American people didn't hear the facts of voter fraud and instead got to listen to a number of congressmen use it as a cop out and ultimately to betray their word to challenge the results, and a number of disgusting emotional rhetoric from Democrats in both houses. Do our congressmen really think a small group of protestors represent the majority of Trump supporters? Give me a break. And from what I saw President Trump did in fact tell them to stand down and go home, I was watching it live and he issued a video shortly after the lines broke outside the building, he couldn't say much more because his Twitter and Facebook accounts were turned off , shouldn't they be held accountable for the blame in cutting one of the Presidents primary lines of communication?

Within a few hours congress was able to resume their session and the interior of the building appeared to be immaculate. It looked nothing like a Best Buy or Target after a group of "peaceful protestors" standing with BLM went through it. But this was different, throughout the summer we had "peaceful protests" but the Trump Supporters were clearly a "Mob" and this was a "siege." Bullshit, let's call a spade a spade and agree that what went on was mild in comparison to the burning of cities that occurred all summer long but the fake news called Peaceful protests because they supported their agenda. They are trying to vilify Trump and everyone who supports him, and we need to stand up and say Bullshit, the double standard is unreal.

1776 all over again?

American Independence was won from the British not by a superior army fighting and defeating the British it was won by bands of militias and guerillas sabotaging the British supply chain, and making life miserable for their soldiers and putting them under the constant fear of a guerilla attack which has a powerful effect on the mind. I'm afraid that similar methods may need to be used if America is ever going to take back our freedom and protect our future. The trouble is the enemy is invisible but we know for damn sure when someone stands with them. TO be clear I do not condone or in any way promote the use of violence, I am merely sharing my historical interpretations and predicting where our future is headed. The founding fathers did obviously understand that exceptions to civility and pacifism need to be our personal freedom and self-defense can never be outsourced and sometimes a man needs to use violence to defend himself and his family which is why they decreed the 2nd Amendment as follows: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

President Trump and his legal team exhausted every legal means of challenging the votes and they got Zero cooperation from the legal system. No court even heard the evidence which is absolutely absurd and shows just how corrupt we have become as a nation, I just fear that when we as a people cannot settle an issue in a legal and civilized manner debating facts and evidence, then we are headed towards a violent and ugly future.

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